Any equestrian will tell you their horse is their partner. Genevieve has been fortunate to find wonderful partners thus far. In order to move on to higher level competition and training. she is seeking sponsorship and/or a collaborative partnership to discover her FEI horse partner. We would love to speak with you!  Contact us here. Thank you!

Tamar Royal Arrival

Sydni Peterson's 9-year old Oldenburg 'Cricket' is a new venture. Trained by Sydni and previously owned by Pam Crane, Cricket has shown to 2nd level and was 2018 Reserve National Champion in Training level dressage at Arabian and Half Arabian Sport Horse Nationals.

Utah Dressage Society:

- 2019 Second Level Champion

- 2018 Reserve National Champion

Fame's Rising Star

Riding Chelsea Sharer's National Show Horse Arabian/Saddlebred mix has been a blessing and a gift. "Star", well-trained by Annie Sweet, is cooperative and loving. Slightly fussy in the cross-ties from time to time, Star adores Genevieve and will follow wherever she leads. 

This 18-year old walks into the ring strong and ready to perform, and has won all the FEI classes in which they have ridden with scores from 65-69%. 


Megan McQueeney's 26-year old Prix St. Georges Morgan was a solid choice for Genevieve's first rated show season. Of a sweet nature, "Kara" was calm and polished, winning accolades from judges and spectators alike. 

Past Favorites

Genevieve has been fortunate to ride so many wonderful horses in the past seven and a half years. Her very favorite and first love, was Sadie, a 20-something Welsh pony who introduced her to true love. Sadie was beautiful and sweet, and was the subject of many horse of Genevieve's imaginative stories as a small child. 

Also topping the list were Rufus, a stubborn and occasionally lazy Quarter Horse who taught her to canter. Sadie and Rufus both also had the privilege of teaching Genevieve about her first falls from her saddle perch. Overcoming that obstacle was a test of whether or not riding would be for her. She of course was all about the #getup and did not let it faze her. 

Betty, Clarence, Dakota, Jitterbug, Fizz, Sinatra and more taught her in bits and pieces all about loving and caring for horses. As anyone who loves horses can tell you, each one becomes a favorite and also takes a piece of your heart when you part ways. 

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