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U.S. Equestrian Federation - Athlete Bio

Training & Competition

Initially riding for therapy at age four, Genevieve began riding under the tutelage of Megan McQueeney at the California-based Ride-On, a USEF Paraequestrian Center of Excellence.


Currently training with Prestige Dressage and Sydni Peterson in Utah, Genevieve has developed into an accomplished rider with her sights set on representing The U.S. at the 2024 Paralympics.
Officially classified at age 9, Genevieve is a Grade IV and is focused and passionate about being a competitive para equestrian and is always seeking more equine knowledge. 2018 was her first season in rated shows. The only para rider and two to five years younger than all her competitors, she trained on one horse in Utah and competed on another in California. She qualified for the California Junior Championships, CDS Regionals and USDF Regionals at Training level, placing 5th and 6th overall in each competition and earning a CDS Top Ten placement.
In 2019 she began successfully competing at her FEI grade level tests.

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The goal of Para-Dressage is to display the gracefulness, balance, and attentiveness of the horse. In Para-Dressage, the rider tells the horse to perform precise movements founded on three basic gaits—walk, trot, and cantor—using very subtle signals in a show ring. The horse and rider are then judged on how well they can complete these movements and how easily they can transition from one movement to the next. There are three dressage events; in the first, the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special, the elements that the horse and rider have to complete as well as the path they have to take around the show ring—the figures—are outlined in a set order by the judges. In freestyle, the rider and horse decide the order of the elements and their path to best showcase their abilities. In this event, their movements and figures are choreographed to instrumental music. Para-Dressage first became part of the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta, GA. At the Paralympics, riders can compete individually or as a team.

Training, Competition & Awards History

Dressage & Training

Sydni Peterson: 2018 – present
Para Equestrian Dressage Coach; UDS, Vice President; USEF “L” Judge


Mike Osinksi clinic, 2020 (USEF Senior Judge, FEI 4* and FEI Young Horse, USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals and Freestyle Bars, L Faculty apprentice, USDF Committee Member

Megan McQueeney: 2011 – 2018, 2017 International Para‐Equestrian Dressage Clinic
Ride-On Therapeutic Horsemanship, Director of Para Equestrian Dressage; USDF Para Equestrian Center of Excellence


Michel Assouline: 2017 Para Dressage clinicUSEF Director, Para Coach Education; Former Paralympic Head Coach, Great Britain/9 Olympic Gold medals

Valerie Geist: 2017 – 2018 (Robert Dover trained)
Kimberly Payne Castro: 2016 – 2017 (Eventing)
Susan Pruitt: Vaulting Clinic, 2014


Competition Record (Shown Introductory - 1st Level & FEI Para Equestrian (Scores 62% - 69% at all levels)

2020 - Tamar Royal Arrival

USPEA Virtual Judging (Adrienne Pot) • FEI Grade IV, Intro A - 69.93%

Darnell Dressage/Quarantine Classic 1 • 2nd place, First Level 3 (Jr/YR)

Darnell Dressage/Quarantine Classic 2 • 2nd place, First Level 3 (Jr/YR)

Darnell Dressage/Quarantine Classic 3 • 2nd place, First Level 3 (all ages)

2019 - Fame's Rising Star

UDS Short Tour • 3rd place, Training Level 3 (Jr/Yr)

Millbrook Farms • 67.5% FEI Para test • 65.4%  Training 3 (Jr/Yr)

Millbrook Farms • 66% FEI Para test • 65%  Training 3 (Jr/Yr)

2018 - Ride-On/Karamel

USDF Regional Championships (14 & Under, California/Nevada/Hawaii) • 6th Training Level 3
CDS, Region 7 Championships (14 & Under, California)
• 6th Training Level Overall (Training 3 – 6th, Training 2 – 6th)
• 5th Dressage Seat Equitation


CDS Junior Championships (14 & Under, California)
• 5th Training Level Overall (Training 3 – 2nd, Training 2 – 6th) 2018 Cool August Nights (Qualifying competition)
• 1st Training 2; 1st Training 3


Star Spangled Dressage (Qualifying competition)
• Reserve Champion, Training Level Junior/Young Rider
• 1st Training 2; 1st Training 2; 1st Training 3


Summer Dressage I (Qualifying competition)
• 1st Training 1; 1st Training 2
• 1st Training 1; 1st Training 2


Spring Forward Dressage (Qualifying competition)
• 1st Training 1; 1st Training 2



3 Peas Eventing: 1st Show Jumping
Ride-On/Rufus:  Calnet: 4th Training 1-JR; 1st Pole Bending; 4th Equitation; 5th Obstacles



Ride-On/Sinatra: White Birch Farms: 3rd Intro A-JR; 6th Intro B-JR
Ride-On/Sadie: Calnet: 1st Training 1-JR; 1st Pole Bending; 4th Equitation; 5th Obstacles

2019 UDS Para Jr/Yr Champion
2019 UDS Jr/Yr Scholarship winner

2019 Sage Creek Equestrian Para Riders Award of Athletic Excellence (67.5%)

2019 UDS Ellen Walker Jr/YR Sportsmanship Award

2018 USDF Convention Youth Scholarship Award

2018 U.S. Para Equestrian Association High-Performance Grant

2018 California Dressage Society Club 100 Grant

2015 Ride-On TrailFest Shirt Design Winner

2018 USEF #jointhejoy campaign

2017 Featured Athlete,  U.S. Para Dressage News

2015 Featured Athlete “Ride-On Gala” cover advertisement (fundraiser, hosted by Dole Chairman, David Murdock) 

2014 “Hoofprints and Heartbeats Gala” cover advertisement and demonstration rider (fundraiser, hosted by Stina Van Halen)

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